Sunday, September 2, 2007

Five Point Someone: What to do at IIT

Following video is re-enactment of a actual life incident, Might be shocking to those who believe all IITians to be extremely sincere creatures, viewers discretion is advised.

Well the video says it all, it's this hard(ly) work of mine which made these D..ecent Grades a reality and made me a distinguished member of this (in)famous clan of 5 point someone's...


  1. wah dubey ji badiya video tha
    mere dil ke bahut kareeb tha yeh
    .hats off to ur patience who dint give up despite feeling sleepy
    3 cheers for all five pointers

    hip hip hurray
    hip hip hurray
    hip hip hurray

  2. shukriya jain saab.... yaar apan 5 pointers hi ek dusre ko jaldi samajhte hain... that's why the first comment on this 5 pointer's blog is by a 5 pointer himself :-)

  3. rachit a.k.a. kaal kapaalOctober 19, 2007 at 3:55 AM

    waah sir ji phodd diya
    meine bhi D-ecent grades mile hai
    Apki bhawnae aur meri bhawnae kitni milti hai

  4. @rachit..
    shukriya buddy
    and welcome to D-e-graders club :-)